• a backpack and a basic set of school supplies
  • additional needed school supplies available upon request

Band-Choir Clothing4KIDS

  • band and choir related clothing attire
  • white shirts – black pants – black shoes – black socks/tights – colorful ties
  • Please put in your request one week ahead of the time of need to assure availability.


  • coats – boots – snow pants – scarves – mittens/gloves


  • a kids wish-list matching program
  • Kids make wishes and C.R.I.S.P. matches them to local donors.

General Needs & Hygiene Items

Is a child in need of hygiene items or do they have other basic needs that are not being met?
Feel free to contact us and ask what might be available for resources.


  • A project for foster and adoptive parents in need of clothing and supplies.
  • Kloset4KIDS is located at CRISP, however, the full program is done in conjunction with Bring Love Ministries. More information at: